Failure analysisFailure analysis in today’s world of well-engineered equipment, often reveals that more than one fault in a system has contributed to the failure. As a result, understanding the causes of failure can be complicated, and predicting failures even more difficult. However, close examination of previous near misses and identification of the multiple contributing causes, can contribute to understanding how systems behave and how to prevent recurring failures.

Analysis of failure causes and effects

By examining the root causes and effects of failures, companies can then make informed decisions about how to reduce the risk of that class of failure ~ e.g. whether to redesign a component or change a process. A competent failure analysis also allows managers to make decisions on relevant economic grounds ~ for example, weigh-uping whether the cost of intervention over a period of time is less than the cost of the operational consequences and repair over the same period. Tech Solutions Australia can help define your objectives and in oder to make those informed decisions. Seeing the big picture means companies can improve their maintenance practices and achieve better outcomes in the future.

Failure analysis – risk in the resource industry

Past failure analysis demonstarte that risk come in many forms. Within a workplace there may be environmental factors like noise, lighting, temperature that affects performance of a task. The equipment may not be easy to use, or the site design may obstruct access. Human and organisational factors have a major part to play in failures.  A worker’s knowledge, fatigue or stress ~ may impact on workers ability to perform a given task.

The risk from poor organisational functions in a company, whether it impacts on maintenance, production, or safety, can be high. Risks may include poor communication, weak supervision, uncertain planning, low levels of organisational learning and high rates of human error.

Expert failure analysis provides an opportunity for companies to review their workplace, processess and equipment resulting in safer and more stable production.

Tech Solutions Australia has a long history of analysing and investigating complex failures, involving technical, organisational and operational faults. We trouble shoot complex mining and petroleum industry problems, ensuring effective solutions to optimise production and create safer working conditions.

HAZOPs and identifying potential failures before they occur

HAZOP (HAZard and Operational Studies) are a systematic way of examing processes to identify risks and achieve efficient operation. Originally developed for chemical processing, it is now being applied to identifying operational risk in other industry operations. It requires group discussions to identify risks and find both technical and human factors solutions. Identifying operational risks before an accident or failure occurs is essential to ensure the sustainability of a company’s operations.