Conveyor_maintenanceTech Solutions Australia has offered the mining industry conveyor maintenance support for the past 25 years. This  experience in materials handling and processing technology, materials engineering,  and maintenance,  enables TSA to provide training and analysis support to improve conveyor operations.

Although material and technical conditions certainly affect the performance of a materials handling system, it is the organisational factors that often determine how reliably conveyor networks operate.

Conveyor maintenance is concerened with ensuring both operational reliability and safety of personnel. Regulations governing operational safety are incorporated into an Australian Standard (AS 1755).  Tech Solutions Australia understands the importance of this.  We work to support personnel by identifying obstacles in the way of their best efforts to become safer and more efficient. An expert with both engineering and human factors training can help companies optimise their operations and operate safely.

 Conveyor maintenance is regulated

Conveyors are considered hazardous machinery and audits and conveyor safety are regulated under both the Mine Safety Act and  Australian Standards (e.g.  AS 1755 Conveyors – Safety)  as well as relevant codes of practice. Regular and thorough conveyor maintenance is a requirement and essential to the safe operation of conveyors.

AS 1755 sets out minimum safety requirements for the design, installation and guarding of conveyor and conveyor systems both above ground and underground. It emphasizes the requirements for operational safety and protection of persons who may be exposed to risks associated with conveyors and conveyor systems.