risk analysisCompetent Risk Analysis is the key to preventing production failure in mineral processing, mining machinery or gas production. Consider the cost and consequencies of equipment breakdown, loss of production, injuries to personnel, or a Major Accident Event (MAE).  Managers dealing with risks in high-technology environment, historically only consider the technical risks of failures. However, these technical aspects are only one part of their risk profile, and often the most expensive to address. Operational and human reliability is essential for all companies to achieve optimal results.
While people can be a source of error, they equally hold the key to solving problems and operational reliability. The proviso is that the company understands the needs of the workforce, and the organisational constraints on reliability, efficiency and effectiveness that exist in work systems. There are also the human and organisational factors, and although these can seem like a Pandora’s Box, in many ways they offer the most direct and least expensive ways of correcting recurring problems.

Risk analysis and organisational risk factors

The Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS/ISO 31000:2009) clearly considers organisational risk factors, raises thefollowing questions:

§ Is risk analysis an integral part of organsational processes?

§ Does your companies risk assessment takes human and cultural factors into account?

§ Is your risk analysis process dynamic…and responsive to change?§  Does your company facilitate the use of the risk analysis process for continual improvement and enhancement of the organisation?

The Standard for Risk Management (AS/NZS/ISO 31000:2009)

Tech Solutions Australia works closely with a company’s workforce to evaluate the risks that they work with every day.  This risk reduction process empowers personnel to identify and implement organisational solutions, which often are more cost-effective than more expensive technical fixes. An expert from Tech Solutions Australia can come into your company and provide you with the methods to develop sustainable work practices that will enable your company to be safe, reliable and a better place to work.